How to Stand Out in a Noisy Marketplace?

In 2014, this company was selling their products mainly through the big box retail channel. They asked Motivate Design to help them think of ways to overcome the challenges of the crowded, noisy and distracting environment and deliver an experience that did their brand justice.

In our discovery, we learned that they were committed to a positioning that emphasized sound quality, however there was a strong disconnect with customer segments that prioritize sound.

Our recommendation was to focus on the social connection possible through the enhanced capabilities of their smart, connected product and the context of people’s lives at home.

This strategy had the potential of fundamentally shifting consumer’s perception of the home audio category and creating preference for their brand as the leader in that space.

As it turns out, this company wasn’t ready for a shift of this magnitude. They were in advanced stages of plans to rollout a series of vertical retail stores that were also based on experiencing the sound quality of the system and the investment was too large to walk away from.

  • Product suite
  • In-store experience at big box retailers
  • Vertical, branded retail stores
  • Brand website
  • Long tail of online outposts and campaigns
  • Guerilla research
  • Strategic brand experience consulting