Designing the Future of Online Banking

Qualitative research, strategy and user experience design to help the national bank imagine the ultimate future for online consumer banking in order to leapfrog the competition, delight their legacy high-end clientele, and attract a future generation of clients.

  • Online applications: Web, tablet and smart phones
  • Wearable technology
  • The physical bank
  • Personal bankers
  • Relationship managers
  • Wealth advisors
  • Discovery research w/ clients and various internal roles, via a variety of methods including Motivate Design’s innovative “Friendship Group” methodology
  • Collaborative innovation workshops with the client in NY and San Francisco
  • Service Design
  • Storyboarding to visualize enhancements to services provided by personal bankers in the physical bank, made possible through the advanced online systems
  • Extensive wireframing
  • Interactive prototyping via Axure
  • Visual UI Design
  • Validation testing with users