Global Pharma Company

Improving Pharma Adherence and Quality of Care through Smart Connected Device Technology

Digital Product Design and Service Design for new breakthrough technology involving ingestible sensors in pills transmitting biometric data to web-based apps that help measure adherence and improve the quality of care that Health Care Professionals and personal care givers can provide to patients.

  • The physical environment in clinic or hospital
  • Doctors, nurses, care givers
  • Physical product and packaging
  • The design of the applications for each user segment
  • Integration with other Electronic Health Records systems
  • Discovery research via multiple contextual interviews with HCPs and patients
  • Collaborative strategy workshops with key stakeholders and subject matter experts
  • Service design to optimize assisted onboarding process for patients, involving doctors, nurses and care givers
  • Full mobile application strategy and design
  • Use Cases
  • Flow diagrams
  • Story-based wireframes
  • Visual designs
  • Comprehensive requirements documentation
  • Validation testing with patients and caregivers